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Staff Rules - MosT_ - 09-01-2019

These are the Rules you MUST follow as a part of the Staff Team.

1-You CANNOT,in any way or form,Abuse your power as a staff member.

2-ONLY use you powers while on duty.

3-Do NOT self-sit,unless its a major rule(MRDM) and your the only staff online.

4-if a player asks for a different staff member,you must concede their request,UNLESS there arent any other staff members online/Available to take the sit,in which case proceed with the sit and refer to them to the Staff Report Template on the forums.

5-you MUST take sits,unless if in an Active RP situation(Mugging,Kidnapping or Raid) if not you must be activly taking them specially if your alone

6-do not go AFK while on duty,switch to citizen and stay in spawn

7-whenever you leave for more than 5 days you MUST put a SOL in Discord

New rules to be added in the future